This comes as no surprise....

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I posted a while back on here about a deli that had been closed by public health for many violations and well... I just saw this in the paper and they have closed that location

Of course the execs are not taking responsibility for it and I must say... there is another deli in that mall that blows Druxy's out of the water when it comes to quality and service and... they just expanded their seating area!
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What a great story. First the VP says
He also placed partial blame on customers who will miss the store.

“All they had to do was come more often or bring more friends, talk about it more and there would have been more sales. The customers were also partners … We’re sad to have deserted them, but on the other hand, we work on this together. We build sales together.”  
And at the end of the article it says:
In December 2010, Druxy’s was closed for a few days after about 70 of its customers took ill. It is suspected that food was handled by two sick workers. As well, hot water was temporarily unavailable in the deli, leaving workers unable to properly wash their hands. Druxerman said that “sales were lower” after this incident.  
Boy those ungrateful "partners" and after we all we did for them! Sheesh! Talk about not taking responsibility!


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There used to be this dive in a bad part of town under the freeway interchange. Served absolutely awesome Navajo tacos. Showed up one day to find the Health department shut them down. Not sure what the violations were, but the place was always busy.  

Sure made us ponder what we may have eaten there...

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