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As you know, I am an absolute beginner in the garden, so pardon me if some of my questions seem a little bit basic. I'm sure someone out there is as green as I (pardon the pun) ;)

I planted carrots from seed (I was early, but they are doing well). I thinned them about 3 weeks ago, and they seem to be filling out again. I don't know how much I should have thinned them, and if I need to do it more.

I also planted some bell pepper plants from seed, and I've kept them indoors for the past 6 weeks. I've pulled out a lot, and left the 7 heartiest plants. When should I transplant them outside?

I appreciate any input you have, and I'm glad you guys are familiar with the climate here in CT.

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Dear Momoreg:

I usually plant carrots and potatoes in a mix of vegetable garden dirt and sand (not from the seashore because it contains salt but from a river bed). I use 80% dirt and 20% sand. This helps with drainage especially in areas that get a lot of rain during the summer and it makes it easy for me to pull the veges out of the soil without damaging them.

I had very good results by planting carrots four inches appart. You can plant them closer if you are planning to get "baby carrots".

I believe that you can plant your bell pepper plants outside next week (we are expecting rain on Saturday and Saturday night will be colder). Make sure that they get a lot of direct sunshine.

Because of the high humidity that we experience in Connecticut even during the summer months, do not plant your plants too close together because it will promote fungus and leaf mold.

I hope that I answered your questions. :)
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First,carrots do not transplant well.
The first thinning which you did is fine they need to be thinned first to about 3 inches apart. The the second (last) thinning should be 1 1/2 inches apart for medium carrots or further for large ones, As for your peppers your fine to sow them now.When the chance of frost is gone and it stays above 40/45 degrees at night you should be fine
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Thanks guys! I will have to change my soil out next spring. It is very rocky, and dosen't drain well in some areas. I appreciate the advice very much!
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As soon as your pepper plants have a strong stem and their 2 starter leaves, go ahead and move them outside into full sun in their container. After a week, plant them in the ground.

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