thinking of taking a job and living on premesis

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    been a chef for a while now, short of 15 years, and have mostly worked locally.

    since there is only really one good hotel locally this means I will have to travel further to find work in a better hotel, and I'm looking at live in as the main option, since I don't fancy renting my own place on a line chefs wage while also wanting to go back to college to pay for more courses to improve my cv.

    so am considering moving out of home to work a bit further away in a better hotel/restaurant.

    my only concern is that I like to play poker online in my spare time. if i was to take my laptop to some hotel that has free wifi internet i could bet that gambling would be filtered out, in fact i wouldn't even have to bet it wouldnt let me.

    i guess what i am trying to say is that i don't want to move to, live and work in a place where i can't do what i like to do in my spare time. taking advantage of free wifi would be great for a live in position if i could still play poker. i figure though that it is more likely that i will either have to figure out and use a proxy server or get and pay for my own internet connection via a dongle so that i am able to gamble.

    stupid that hotels filter out gambling, cant even check lottery results.