Thinking of doing/taking my Advanced Food Safety course this year

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Looking to add more strings to my bow so to speak, and if I take the advanced course it means I wouldn't have to take the level 2 food safety course every 3 years.

Plus if I have advanced food safety on my CV together with nearly 15 years experience working as a chef should get me out of a Chef-D role sooner rather than later.

I heard in the UK that the advanced food safety course is a week long course, probably in the cost region of £400-500. I plan on using my holiday days to take time out of work to attend such a course. Education is important no matter what the cost.
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I taught the AH &LA  HACCP and Sanitation Management curriculum a few time,

it is quite good and  less expensive I think.
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The course is CIEH Supervisional Food Safety level 3, is a 2 day course and costs £215. 

I was wondering if there is any online resources or literature online that can be found that compliments taking such a course.

strange how one day I'm talking to the college on the phone asking about taking level 3 food safety and the dude is like 'id like to speak to your boss about course funding for you' - then the next day I get made redundant. and i was about to put holiday forms in to book days off for the course. now I don't wanna book the course which is in 3 weeks time because £200 is a lot of money to spend without having the income coming in first.

yes I could still afford the course fee no problem, but do I really want to pay out £215 of my savings after just being made redundant??

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