thinking of becoming a chef wondering about george brown assitant cook extended training program

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    I have been dancing with the idea of becoming a chef and what I have noticed when I tell people I am considering if they are ready to discourage me from it which isn't going to help me with my current situation in life right now since I am looking for a career and change the life I had before. 

    So I discovered that George Brown has an assitant cook training program for people on disability so I thought I woudl take advantage of being diagnosis with a disability and apply to the program and it's free paid by the government.  and maybe those people who were discouraging me from being a chef will stop talking.

    I posted here to get some perspetive and advice from potential chef and chefs about becoming a chef.  my cooking experience is limited mostly home cooking for myself and watching food network and other cooking shows.  What drew me to cooking was the upset of having horrible food on low budget. it shouldn't be that way.
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    congratulations on deciding to join one of the most stressful and least rewarding career paths on the planet.

    The training course sounds like a wonderful idea, if nothing else it should help give you ideas for the home kitchen.

    my only question would be (and you dont have to answer) but what is your disability? i remember after having knee surgery and coming back to work before i had really healed it was hard. kitchens arent known for the comfort or their forgiveness of aches and pains so depending on your disability, consider wether you would be able to last a long day in a busy kitchen.

    im not saying you cant or shouldnt try, just consider it.

    as for those who say dont do it, there are nay sayers for everything we do in life, sometimes they are right, other times they are not. you never know until you try

    good luck!