Things needed to be a good chef..

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In my experience, being a good chef is not just about going cook school. You need experience from being a waiter, bar man and kitchen porter. You need to know the basic ingredients, kitchen equipments and good knife skills. you need to be motivated and have an eye for detail. Basic IT skills like MS office, math and communication are essential.
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You can see by the strong opinions that chefs are proud people, and thats very important to remember.

when it comes to money its allways going to be tough to start with, after a few hard (and i mean hard) years you start earning enough to get you by apprentice and commis money is crap, but stick with it when you start to become junior cdp etc it gets a lil easier, the money is important because it can afford you luxurys that help take the edge off some off the stress, and also the more you earn the less you have to worry about bills etc.

to be a good chef in my view (when your starting out) you need :

1. a basic idea of what's to come , dont kid yourself, you wont make head chef over night and you wont be a ''Big name'' two days out of college.

2. be ''Kitchen savy'' this is a natural thing, chefs dont lean on worksurfaces or stand idle, if it dirty then clean it, if you havent got any prep left then help someone else allways be on the move.

3. allways prepare prepare prepare, sharp knives, a clean set of spare whites, spoons in your back pocket, make sure you have everything for service, check it, check it again.

4. listen to advice, take in critism, your not a master chef yet.

5. have stamina, this is learnt as well as natural, when i was a kid there was a 64 year old bloke that used to run rings round me in the kitchen, i was shattered after twelve hours, he was still going after 16.

6. know how to make a good ommlette

7. check that stuff again

8. remember you cant go out on friday nights anymore, your going to miss your girlfriends birthday every year, hell mostof us on here dont know when our own birthdays anymore, as for christmass lets not go there

9. try hard and keep going, your going to take a lot of shit, your going to need a thick skin.

10. date and label everything! and i mean EVERYTHING!!

11 check it again

12 and again

13 passion is important to an extent but balls, effecientcy, self motivatoin and being able to stick up for yourself is more so.

14 eat three meals a day, sleep when you can and drink plenty of water, real chefs dont drink the night before thier shift so much that they are hungover

15 never get ill

16 be a team player

17 work as a waiter and a barman, put yourself in others shoes and try and understand.

18 aim for the top, if you miss and land in the middle atleast you will be comfortable
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Dear Chefs,

I really want to go to college and be a chef, but for my english class, for all seniors, we have to do a senior capstone of something we're interested in and my topic is "How Does A Chef Get A Show," and for one of my subtopics I have to interview a Chef. So if You will please take the time to answer these few questions, I'd appreciate it.

How do you think a chef gets a show?

Do they need to have a fun and exciting personality to draw in viewers?

What are the qualities of a good chef?

What skills should a good chef have to get a show?

What chef do you think has the best show and why?

Thank you so much and please answer ASAP or email me at:

[email protected]


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I appreciate all contribution in here :)

Having people that can teach you ;) Who wants to teach you :) Who wants to see you improve if they see you want to improve :)

One of my collegues inspired me to read more cook books, he borrowed me one. But it wasnt just a cook book. It was a story, it had philosophy in it, it wasnt just food on paper but

a whole lot more. This book was the most interesting cook book I ever came over and hope a lot more to find.

To me its like we dont always know what to look for. So its good to get direction and right direction.

I get inspiration from watching chef programs, using youtube has helped me alot, im very gratefull for all the people who take there time to put there food creation on the web ;)

Getting a wet stone, a sharpener and a knife with a "saya" ( holster). Made it alot easier and more fun.

Preserving the energy of the vegetables while cooking it, not killing them. Let the customers see the light in the veggies.

Myself, I  dont try to be best, not to be competitive. That 2 minds are better than 1 is my philosophy.
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Maybe I look at it the wrong way but.. to me, if you want to be a good Chef, you first have to be a good cook. No, I dont mean understanding ingredients and proper techniques, I mean, you have to put in your work in the kitchen, on the line. People think that they can take some classes or read some books and bang they should walk around in a coat and people call them Chef. 

To me, and it could just be the area I'm in, but there is only 1 Chef in the kitchen, everyone else is a cook. The Chef runs the kitchen, and the cooks do what the Chef says. Being a good Chef has a lot more to do with management and understanding of how a kitchen runs, and less to do with actual cooking. Every Chef is, or was, a great cook, but not every great cook can handle being a Chef.

The Chef position is a position of power in the kitchen, think of a maestro leading his symphony. Getting there requires years getting your ass kicked in a kitchen as a cook, then maybe one day you could be lucky enough to be a real Chef.
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Never ceasing to learn.// Patience. // Good Nerves.// Ability to work with little sleep.// Good negotiator.// To seek perfection//. Ability to be fair in dealing with and managing people//.Wanting to teach// Ability to think on the spot and on the fly. //. Know how to improvise./ /

Good at cooking should be expected of course.
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dont you mean your not very important thats y ur only needed when theres a chef down or someones cut there nail. cooking and becoming a chef is a carrer. u look like u need to go to the potwasher team ;-) 
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To be a good Chef passion is everything. Yes like a lot of people have said you need to be a good cook, understand of the position, nerves, able to handle different personalities etc. But passion drives everything you need to be successful. I have been very fortunate to have worked with a lot of great chefs when I served as assistant under the late Jean Louis Palladin. And if it was one thing all these Chefs had in was passion. To be able to stand next to a Chef like Jean Louis and watch what was in his heart flow through his hands onto to the plate...believe would definitely understand its meaning and how it relates to being a good Chef...if you believe in yourself and your ability and are passionate about being a Chef...your team will quickly sense that without you even having to ask them to follow...
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Quite frankly, this was the perfect "basic" answer..."to me, if you want to be a good Chef, you first have to be a good cook."
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You need a level head and the ability to handle pressure, patients, good time keeping and be able to move around for a lot of hours with little breaks, be able to improvise and being creative is a good quality to have as cooking is an art in it's own way (that's what they say anyway lol as it takes a lot of practice like painting). You have to be sure you want to do this too though as it's a lot of work and you will be serving a lot of dishes during each day and if one thing goes wrong everything can go wrong unless you can turn it around, sometimes ingredients is missing so you can to make something out of what you've got.
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Today's "Chefs" go to school for three months, learn to spread butter on a bread and get a piece of paper telling them they are "Chefs" now, what a waste of time, there are many many cooks with no school that know more than those "graduated" Chefs, to become a Chef it takes years, no months or weeks, you have to start sweeping, floors, washing dishes and pots, polishing cookware, learning on the job chemistry, works around a kitchen;bake shop, pastry, garde manger,saute, broiler,butcher,ice carving, and all the related inside jobs, not learning in three weeks or months and presto Mr. Chef the butter spreader, you start around 12-15 years old and around 25-30 you become a sous Chef, and then start moving up, today's chefs???, hahahahahahaha , cook helpers they are.
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emmbai!, patients ????? as in a hospital ???? or patience like in a stressful kitchen environment, no wonder you are not chef yet!
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