They have destroyed my garden

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I live by the residence of the Israeli Ambassador.

Yesterday, some " people" came and threw red paint all over the place...

The red paint supposed to symbolize blood.

I won't make any comments on the act itself. People have no idea about things.

They have destroyed though, part of my garden, especially my roses that some of them were very old plants.

Do you think that they are completely destroyed?

If I cut the parts that they are covered by paint will I rescue them?
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Dear Athenaeus,

Words are not enough to express my feelings right now. My heart aches for you, as well as the peoples of the world. Destroying life in any form in the name of God is an abomination. I will say a prayer for your roses.


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I am truly sorry your garden was destroyed. I do hope you can salvage some plants. You have nothing to loose by trying to save your roses. There is a product you can use to wash leave I can't recall the name but a florist or gardener might be able to advice you.

If there is a botanical department at the university or a botanical garden why not give them a call, they might be able to help.

Good luck.
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A little gentle dish soap and water will wash the paint off the leaves-aphids don't like it either. Other wise, just trim off the affected twigs and branches and allow them to come back on their own. Thankfully, plants don't pay attention to politics.
What people hope to achieve by such actions is beyond me. I'm very sorry for your garden. Try to take comfort in the fact that Mother Nature will win out after all of us are gone.
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Thanks to everybody

The roses are ok but the herbs are gone for good.
It may sound stupid that the whole world is in flames and I am worried for my garden but blind violence doesn't make this word a better place to live...
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I'm glad that you and your husband weren't hurt otherwise. It must be a even more jumpy around your neighbourhood these days. Imagine if you decided to make tomato paste again and sealed the jars tightly?

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