These wines are for the birds!!!

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Has anyone started to think about what wines they will serve this Thanksgiving?

For me it all about the sides and dressing that determan what direction I go.


any thought?
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My Thanksgiving crowd this year consists of my drinking buddy who only drinks Pinot Noirs or an occasional Cab, and the rest who drink anything white and sweet- $6.00/bottle Jos. Reisling is a biggie. I think my drinking buddy is showing up with a couple bottles of Cristom pinot, so I guess I'll muddle through.
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I just drank another one of my 1966 Ch. La Tour St. Pierre, a St. Emilion. I've held several bottles since the late 70's and they seem to improve everytime I open one. Guess I'll serve it with a stew recipe featured in the current issue of Saveur magazine: beef stew in dark Belgian beer along with roasted apples bathed under a calvados syrup.
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Our family gathering have featured a significant jump in quality and quantity in recent years. I have hazy memories of Cold Duck and Blue Nun as a child. But now we've been successful enough the last few years that the crew will gamely drink just about anything that brought to the festivities (with the exception of my brother-in-law's homemade mead, but that's another post). I think this year's theme is something along the lines of anything-but-chardonnay whites and yes-you-can-drink-red-with-turkey reds. Our Thanksgiving traditions have spilled over into Wednesday with a semi-traditional seafood feast -- mounds of fresh off the boat boiled shrimp, homemade smoked fish and oysters and lots of beer and wine but I trace everything back to the famous Chardonnay year about a decade ago. Dad, Uncle M., and I each managed to bring a case of mix and match chardonnays that everyone throughly enjoyed comparing and comparing and comparing. I ultimately spent the night with the neighbor's daughter kind of comparing, but from that point on everyone's been eager to share in the discovery of a new winery they've turned up during the year. Ultimately the ever-changing wine is a nice foil for the rarely changing foods. (And, yes, I actually like garlic cheese grits now, but that's another post, too).

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