These #$%^* Pants!!!

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A-yup.   A belt, suspenders, or both. 


Some cooks I know will thread a length of cling film through the two front belt loops and tie it up, kinda/sorta works.

Reminds me of the time I was working in  a large club in S'pore, kitchen had a gaggle of old ladies working the line.  Ladies would always laugh and bust a gut, screaming about "Foo's colour T.V."

I HAD to ask....

"Foo" referred to one of the male line cooks, who preferred to be called "Mr. Foo".   The "Colour T.V." bit referred to his, uh... shall we say "plumber's crack"? every time he bent down to grab something out of the low-boy. 

Ah.. Sing-lish.  You can leave the country. but the singlish never leaves you.......
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There are these really cool people called TAILORS. They will take them in at all the right places to make your clothes fit perfectly. All depending on the tailor and amount to adjust you will be looking at around $5-15 dollars......that is in Canada. I am sure it is cheaper in the states. Just Google your local tailor. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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I would think that one should not have to ask this type of question on the internet/img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif

@Foodpump gave you three viable options. The cling wrap was a popular option for a lot of people over the years that might not wear a belt with their street clothes. Rental uniforms never fit well.
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yea, tailor them or buy a pair that fit o_O also i dont know about yours but mine have strings that can be tied if I need too.
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I'm surprised no one got the "Chef's pants" part of the OP's question.

I believe the OP is talking about those elastic waistband kind of pants.

If this is so, there are no belt loops with which to use the plastic wrap on.

Those elastic waistband pants will always and forever keep sliding down your waste.

I myself had the unfortunate experience of having the "color TV" moment.

My suggestion is to get the next size down. For instance, if you take an extra large, try just large. This does work with some of those Chef's pants companies. Chef'swear is one that I use regularly. 
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Thing is, with every elastic waist chef pants I've ever come across, there's always a drawstring.  You know, like on jogging/sweats.  This is pretty much standard in the garment industry, as elastics will fail over time (and repeated washings), and you need a back-up. 

Why these pants  don't have this, is beyond me.  But then I had "Chef pants" with pockets so big that I could shove a 2ltr coke bottle in them with out anyone noticing, or pants with pockets so small that even my keys would fall out when I would lean down.  After 30 odd years of cooking, I will  only wear pants constructed like a pair of jeans; elastic waist bands are for babies and small kids, once they're out of diapers, there's no need for an elastic waistband. 

P.S. Never, ever, never,ever, ever wear swimming trunks that don't have or are missing a drawstring.  D.a.m.h.I.k.t.  
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Like @foodpump   was referring to. Keep your pockets empty. No weight at all. Keep keys, switchblades/shanks, brass knuckles, change,paraphernalia,stash and cigarettes/lighters in your locker.

If you still have the problem, Lose Some Weight. Still a problem, double wrap you apron strings around to the front. Don't put side towels in your pockets. Only drape them over an exposed string. Don't tuck them around you waistband and inside your pants. That's gross. Like a waiter sticking his order book down the back of his pants. Don't use any type of chlorine bleach on them. Still a problem, go to the uniform place and by a skirt.
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I forgo the gray checkered chef's pants all together. Black dickies is what I've been wearing in the kitchen for years and they're the best "chef's" pants I've used by far. Get the plain, regular, black dickies work pants, not the pleated. They're not hot, have belt loops, sized correctly, protect your legs from hot things and last forever. I've literally been wearing and washing the same 3 pairs everyday for the last 4 years and they are still kicking. They are a solid black, not baggy and perfectly appropriate for the kitchen.

However, if you must use a certain type of chef's pants for school or a job always remember that chef's uniforms always run on the large side. If you're a medium in regular clothing you're a small in a chef's jacket. If you're average sized then a small chef's pants may be the right fit. If you're a little bigger then a medium might be a good fit.
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I thought it was just me!

It only hurts for a minute or two...

Actually it really happened, I had a trainee spill a pot of cream over me and I had to borrow a pair of trousers which  were too big (They wouldn't be now ! ) Chef thought it would be a good idea to staple the waistband to make them fit, stupidly I allowed the same trainee to do it because she felt so guilty about it.

I didn't realise they had a staple gun from the notice board until they stapled me!
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I agree with Chef works making a good pair of chef pants. I have both chef works and chef wear and one brand has shrunk on me considerably and has fallen apart shortly after buying a couple pairs from them. the other has stayed strong and has not shrunk despite regular use. I will take chef works any day.

Also I did the dickies thing for awhile too and they are just to thick for my preference. I also use to wear black slacks; the  kind that are really thin and even has some elastic for when you ate to much for the last three months :p

I always find myself going back to a simple pair of chef pants though. I like the comfort of elastic verses wearing a belt lol.
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I agree with linecook854. Dickies are the way to go. I also have several pairs of of Dickies black cargo pants, the extra pockets come in handy.

I hate elastic waistband chef pants.
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Elastic drawsting chef pants are the worst.. I use black dickies cargo pants with a military fabric belt, fit well, sturdy, and the extra pockets come in handy.

Plastic wrap rope saved me once when my belt broke and I see cooks use that old trick at least once a year.
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k-mart black cinos . .. you can even bend down without crushing your nuts, cheap too !
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the things you can do with gladwrap ! ( i PREFER a gladwrap belt as it gives and i never need to be too big or too small)

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