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My derm doc is gonna kill me.

I have a tan that would best any farmer I know... even after slathering and repeating SPF 50 and trying to stay in the shade.

The big stories being repeated on the coconut telegraph (beach location) were all about watching out for the gators and sharks (disrupted by the flooding).

I was not too worried until I saw the 3rd black tip at the public cleaning stations.

I asked them all where they were landed and got 2 answers...beachfront and surf.

One guy wouldn't give it up so I educated him (damn tourists lol) that it would be a public service and he got embarrassed and told me his was from the surf as well.

We switched beach time to the mornings and only walked the sandbars in the evening.

I am sick of fish and shrimp and crabs and even cheeseburgers.

All I want is watermelon and salads.

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