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I need some fresh advice... I'm a culinary school graduate and love working in the industry. However I'm also a mom and wife. I've been searching for an area in the culinary world that would allow me to still be in the field but also allow me to fulfill my job as a wife and mom by working a day shift during the week with no holidays. I am failing in my search other than big corporate cafeterias. Anyone know an area in the field that typically has a m-f day shift schedule. Any help would be a life saver!!
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The olny thing I can think of that fits is working with a school. Its not all lunch lady land any more, thank goodness. School food programs are looking at healther, from scratch menus now a days. With the right school you can have your creativity and your schedule.


By working hard and being determined you could potentially find an employer that offers more of a 9-5 position. I have found many prep cook positions that are part time, but as far as getting weekends and holidays that is more difficult. You might find someone who can be flexible with your schedule of being a mom, or you might have to work into the hours you want. Don't be discouraged. If you are passion driven like many of us in the industry you will find a way to make it work.

By the way: I am also a mom of a young child. I have given up a lot of time with my little one to pursue my career dreams. His father has played a very strong role of support and my child has also been very understanding.
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