The wine game.

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by peachcreek, Apr 15, 2003.

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    My father-in-law and I have kind of a game/contest that we have been doing for the past few years. The premise is simple- who can find the best bottle of wine under $20.00. This can be anything- a mis-marked bottle, sale, an "unknown" or whatever. Since we are both red drinkers (mostly pinots, cabs, a few merlots and miscellaneous reds) that is what we concentrate on. Some examples I have found:
    1995 Chalone Pinot noir(9.95). I bought every bottle they had. Probably mis-priced, but what the heck...
    Beauleiu Napa Cabernet 1998, $11.95 at Sams' Club. Went back for more but they sold it all.
    This week I had a bottle of La Crema Sonoma Pinot 1998. $15.95 at a local grocery. Lots of fruit, and even an OK finish for a cheap pinot.
    C'mon and play! Brag about your best cheap wine deals and steals! Even better if they are still available!
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    Under $20? I should hope so! ;)

    Ever since we discovered Vintage NY, a shop that sells only wines from New York State (and is open on Sundays :bounce: ), we've been reveling in such bargains as:
    Dr. Konstantin Frank Johannisberg Riesling, $15.99 -- perfect with spicy Asian food;
    Knapp Sangiovese, $14.99 -- pretty darn close to chianti;
    Macari Chardonnay (unoaked!) and Paumanok Barrel Fermented chardonnay, both $16.99 -- even though I too prefer reds, these are great; and the kicker:
    Paumanok Festival Chardonnay, $9.99 -- crisp, refreshing, goes well with spicy food, with fish, chicken -- and just to sit and sip.
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    I got a bottle of white wine at Christmas time, the name was Capistro, it was the type of wine that is best suited for when you're sitting around on a sunny afternoon, having some cheese and crackers and some nice fruit. Thing is I paid less than $7 for it, so I guess that would be less than $4 USD.