The use of convenience products when not necessary.......

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by chefross, Aug 6, 2012.

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    I go traveling about 4 times a year.

    I don't eat the Continental breakfasts offered for free at the places I stay, because I serve people every day and I want to be served when I go out.

    To that end I have to comment on all the convenience foods places use.

    If I order hash browns with my eggs I am not expecting deep fried breakfast potatoes.

    I understand the issues with pooled eggs, but don't care for the mouth feel of an omelette made with liquid eggs.

    Things like bacon, hard boiled eggs, salad in bags with inert gases,are many times purchased.

    I'll bet in many cases it's because the kitchen has no talent and the ease of an "idiot proof"  product allows for consistency.

    And.......the things that really annoys me is that the public accepts this stuff and likes it.

    Now I have no problem with convenience when it used correctly.

    Even with the directions the cooks will still screw it up.

    What a sad state it is.......
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    That sounds horrific to me!

    If I can't be served real food, I won't stay in the place.