The Ultimate Power Bar

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Ok, time to get the thinking caps on.

It has occurred to me that the average diet lacks many nutrients that could probably be easily remedied with a nutritional bar that made up for everything that was lacking in your diet during the rest of the day. (I know it's not that simple but humour me, ok?)

Namely, we need about 30 gr of fibre, the average intake is 10. Our sodium intake is for the most part off-the-charts high, and we tend to exceed the 30% calories from fat guideline more often than not. We lack iron and vitamins that we need to keep us healthy in these colder months. (Notice how everybody is feeling run down lately?)

If you were too devise a recipe for a 'super-health-bar' that was also edible, what would it consist of? Any favourites?

..ok, it doesn't have to be a bar...:chef:
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Can it have chocolate in it? Chocolate has been shown to have a positive effect on depression and to lower LDL cholesterol as well as contain antioxidants.

Besides, it tastes really good.
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and almonds, cashews, macadamia and seasame seeds.
nutrition, flavour, fibres and its OK on the taste buds



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Definitly chocolate..... It's really a plus and people are always happy to eat chocolate. :lips:

How about carob? Never as good as chocolate too bad. :)

Dry fruits, seeds, nuts, wheat germ for fibre, vitamins...
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