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I'll be in the St. Paul area Dec. 20-29 for Christmas. I'll try to go by Sidneys' for a pizza. Any other good places to go? We usually go out for a good meal at least one night. My inlaws like just about everything and the last time I was there took us to a little Italian place over on Grand Ave that was pretty good. Someplace worth recommending?
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Ristorante Luci or Luci Ancora (owned by the same people, located across the street from each other) are at the top of my list. Also worth a look: Zander's, Punch Woodfire Pizza, Cafe 128, just about any of the D'Amico restaurants ( click here for their site , I think this is the place you went to on Grand). There's a restaurant located in Stillwater, about 20 miles from Saint Paul, called La Belle Vie that I haven't been to yet, but comes well-recommended. I'll be eating at one of the Luci restaurants on Sunday and will report back on their current menus. Regarding Sidney's, I'll be at the one located in the Galleria, a mall in south Minneapolis.


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Quang's on Nicollet Avenue is my absolute favourite restaurant in the Twin Cities. Nothing fancy, just good honest Vietnamese food. Two of you can get out under $20 easy. Don't go on a Tuesday. It's closed Tuesday.

If you're out late in St. Paul go to Cafe Latte for dessert. It's a pretty hip spot to hang out after a concert or after the malls close.

The latest "hip" restaurant I've been to is Rock Star. Located in the lobby of the Piper Jaffray building. I must say this is one of the most innovative menus I've seen in the Twin Cities.

What Greg said.

Village Wok on campus is arguably the best Chinese food in town.

Udupi Cafe on Central Ave. is Indian vegetarian, a little costly for Indian vegetarian, but the only game in town. Very good.

I have to think... but that will get you started.

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Just got back from Luci Ancora; decided to go tonight when the chef was working. Here's some menu items:


Polenta crostini topped w/bacon, tomato, chard and
ricotta 7.95

Piadina- house made flat bread w/ goat cheese and
roasted garlic, garnished w/ red beets and daikon
sprouts 8.50

Gamberi- oven roasted prawns w/ chipotle-tomato
sauce 10.25


Fazzoletti- hand-cut pasta sheets w/ shrooms, haricot
vert, celery root and butter 9.95

Rissotto- saffron rissoto w/ beef stewed in smoked
paprika and tomato 9.25

Ravioli- filled with beef and potato w/ veal stock
reduction 10.95

Fettucine- house made pasta w/ beets, truffle oil and
Reggiano butter 10.25

Rigatoni con Salsiccia- rigatoni w/ cabbage, zucchini,
mushrooms, house-made sausage and cream 8.25

Spaghetti Freschi- fresh spaghetti w/ vine ripened
tomatoes, garlic confit, basil and dried cayenne
peppers 7.25


Anaira- shredded duck confit, spinach and white beans
baked in puff pastry 16.95

Filetto di Manzo ai Ferri- Grilled Rib-eye w/ potato,
bacon and onion 18.95

Maiale- Pork Tenderloin stuffed w/ salsa Verde, served
w/ artichoke-potato puree' 19.95

Canestrelli- Sauteed scallops w/ caramelized apples
and pumpkin puree w/ cider and cashews 21.95

All desserts and bread are baked in-house. The breads are particularly good. I started with one of their salads (baby spinach w/ tart cherries, walnuts and gorganzola (mountain gorganzola, I believe) and balsamic vinaigrette. I had two of the pastas; the fazzoletti and the risotto. The chef de cuisine was working pasta tonight and both pastas were incredibly good. This is a guy that was invited to cook at the Beard House at his last job, though, so I could hardly have gone wrong. The restaurant across the street that is owned by the same people, is equally good and it's menu is philosophically the same. Reservations for either can be made by calling Luci Ancora at 651-698-6889.


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Then there's my house. Come over 11am the 23rd. Or earlier if you want to cook :D I'm having a Christmas brunch for a few friends.

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