The Trend of Tapa's ..

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Tapa's has really taken off in England ..especially here in Liverpool is this the case around the USA?There seems to be a new Tapas bar opening up every couple of week's my restaurant is 3 years old and as busier as ever the bubble about to burst?
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This is an interesting question...

My personal idea on the trend is that not only of tapas but of the general idea of small plates...

Several years ago I was a chef in Greenville, SC, and we were the first place in town that did small plates and it was amazing the kind of response that we had to them.

Subjectively, I think that todays consumers are enjoying the relaxed atmoshphere that is allowing them a variety for the same amount of money that they would generally spend on a 3-4 course meal.

For us that like to push the envelope with creativity, fusions or what have you it was a perfect marketing vehicle for us to have some added fun with our art while allowing our clientele to have the opportunity at a vast variety for a decent price.

Just my thoughts...

Are they going to go away or explode, my guess would be that they are going to explode...

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