The Taste: A New Cooking Television Show

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by kaneohegirlinaz, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Hey CT members!

    Did anyone watch The Taste tonight on ABC?

    This looks like it may have been the program

    that fellow member Iceman was trying out for a little bit back.
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  2. chefwriter


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    I saw it. Have to say I'm glad it is on. As I posted a few days ago, too many cooks do not taste the food they cook. This show should help remind them that Taste is what it is all about. Looks like it will be fun to watch. I know Nigella and Bourdain but not the other two. 
  3. koukouvagia


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    I watched it on and off, it didn't hold my attention for long.  It's hard to believe Brian Malarkey is in the ranks of Bourdain and Ludo but Nigella was nice.  What turned me off was how much they complimented the chefs before rejecting them.  And then they regretted it over and over and over again.  It got pretty old for me.  I couldn't believe Nigella chose a home cook who made mashed potatoes with cabbage and chicken with a nameless "sauce" for her team. 

    It's not a terrible idea, but putting a complete meal on a spoon is rather dumb and limited.  There are so many things you cannot present on a spoon, I saw no soups, no sandwiches,  no pizza.  And no simple dishes either.  As a person that likes to taste the components of a dish separately as well as together I was annoyed with that.  Who wants to eat a sweet potato puree with raw fish on it topped by microgreens? 

    I was open to it and I'm a big fan of cooking shows.  But this didn't really do it for me.