The simpler the better

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I walked into Neomeze in Pasadena, CA. 

I sat myself at a table of my choice

I ordered my food and drink at the bar

The food was awesome, it was so simple.

makes me wonder why do you need a server? I dont go to full server gas stations, so why do i need to tip a server that is only there to be discovered for the next movie. 

Joined Feb 3, 2011's a thing, sometimes your bar thingy will be OK and sometimes the bar thingy will come with crap service and you'll want your waiter. 
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Sometimes I choose to eat at the bar and find no problems at all. My only peeve is that the bar is not designed to be used for eating and I find I have to bend over more and position my body differently to keep the food from falling in my lap from plate to mouth.
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Gareth & Chefross

Thank you for your insight. I don't know if you are local to So. Cal but this place must have been in your shoes at one point. All the tables in the entire place have the same service model. No need to hunch over the bar to eat, also they have ample food runners that will grab the occasional water a or napkin. I really feel this new gastropub model is a way for restaurants to focus on quality and maintain affordable prices. 

Thank you again for this discussion. I look forward to hearing more.
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