the search for the perfect french fry

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I've never been quite satisfied with the way my french fries turn out - when they're good, its usually a short-term love affair (about 4-5 minutes,after which they begin to lose their crisp exterior). I begin by punching skin-on Idaho Russett Burbank potatoes through a 3/8-inch potato punch and rinse well to remove the starch. I then blanch the cold potatoes in 300 degree peanut oil until lightly browned. I've always followed
the rule of never putting a blanched potato back into refrigeration, as this would cause the flesh of the potato to tighten up and become "waxy". I then finish the fries in 350 degree peanut oil until browned and season with Kosher salt.
So - what in God's creation have I failed to do to allow my fries to remain crisp???
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I just posted my search for the perfect french fry not too long ago. I made it like an actual experiment...controlled variables and all. I used russets, white potatoes...and something else...i can't remember but they weren't good so i forgot. Anyway. I blanch my cut potatoes in boiling water instead of oil. Then i freeze them. For some reason, when you put the frozen fries in the fry they turn out so much better. Mine were quite similar to mcdonald's fries. The white potatoes turned out the best. If you want to read my thread, go to the cooking questions page and find it there
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my thread was called "why frozen stuff fries so well"...i don't know how to link try to find it yourself...

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Check out Jeffrey Steingarten's The Man who Ate Everything for an insiteful (and rather funny!!) monolog on creating the perfect fry... it requires rendered horse fat!?!? 'nuff said!
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I went to Anthony Bourdain's restraunt Les Halles last time I was in the city and he really turns out AWSOME fries (frites). youre there check it out!
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I believe he does the par-cook at lower temp, then high-temp finish. Don't know which spud he uses, though.

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