The road to becoming a TRUE chef. ADVICE

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    Well I would really like to have some input from all you chefs out there on what it means to be a CHEF.  I went to culinary school, have worked in different kitchens for years, and am currently working at a very prestige restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA.  Yet I don't consider myself a chef by any means...  I can work and go through the motions of a line cook, or prep cook, or what have you but working everywhere I've worked most chefs or those who consider them as much, are masters of the restaurant they work at.  I want to become a great Chef but I know my confidence is what is lacking, even though I haven't mastered the kitchen I am working at, what steps (reading, techniques, websites, etc.) would be advisable to look into, to seem like the kind of CHEF you can ask most technical kitchen questions and leave with an informed anwser.