The Queens of the Forest, Boletus Eduli ... Grilled Wild Ceps ...

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    By ... Margcata

    10 to 15 minutes, and low calorie ... however, divinity ...

    4 servings ...

    500 grams of Boletus Eduli, Wild Ceps in English

    2 cloves of garlic minced

    Extra virgin olive oil

    1 fresh lemon ... to drizzle the juice ...

    black pepper freshly grinded to taste

    salt to taste ... I use maldon.

    2 teaspoons of Italian or Greek dry oregano or Parsley

    4 stems with leaves of Fresh oregano or Parsley

    1. Wash the mushrooms thoroughly

    2. cut the mushroms lengthwise in large chunks

    3. put oil into a sarten or skillet and when hot, saute garlic and then the Ceps

    4. Season with salt and pepper

    5. Before mushrooms are golden, squeeze lemon and drizzle lightly and lower flame and saute a few minutes more

    Serve with baguette and an oak aged Pinot Noir, Crianza red from La Rioja or Priorat