The Proper way to Cook Fettuccine Noodles

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Hello Katevans74, would you please share how everything turned out? I hope all went fine; please share what techniques you employed. Thank you
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Oh my .  OH MY!!!!  Creamer chicken versus butter/parmeggiano and perhaps a bit of heavy whipping cream.  Basta pasta vs Mama Luigi's!!!  Goodfellas HELP!
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..................................I promptly went to the store and bought a package of Oreo cookies. (I bet everyone that has ever been a chef knows exactly where this is going.) At any rate I made the 2 quarts of the ice cream. When Jim walked in, the chef, as normal he asked me about my station, the prep, the usual stuff. We chatted for a bit, we had an awesome working relationship that became a personal friendship and we are still friends to this day. Anyway I proudly showed him the ice cream.
Man he ripped me up one side and down the other. He asked me if I made the cookies. I looked at him and said, no. Right then, at that moment I developed my understanding of what it means to be a chef. He had no problem with the ice cream, his problem is that I opened a package and made a product we couldn't sell.

From that point on if I made something, it was from scratch. You know, it's the reason why I know how to cook and the reason why I know how to butcher, and the reason I know how to bake. It's the reason why I was able to work as a cook and sous chef and exec chef on two continents in three countries. It's the reason I was able to work as an exec chef in NYC, one of the most difficult places to make it as a chef.

That lesson that day, taught me well. It made me realize the value of doing it right from scratch every time.
Even though I'm a home cook, you've learned the difference between being a cook and being a chef.  Me, I'm kinda' an "in between".
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Yes in my opinion for what is worth that is not REAL Alfredo.  It is a pasta dish most likely a very good pasta dish.  Real Alfredo is a butter, cheese and pasta dish.  This can be confirmed in Webster's New World Dictionary of Culinary Arts.   All meat should be gluten free.  Gluten is a protein composite found in grains.  Remember  opinions are worth what you pay for them.
This is a pet peeve of mine. People have very strict rules for some dishes but leave others subject to interpretation. Very ambiguous. 

It's a debate that has gone on since recipes were developed. 
Wait a minute - are you saying the blackened, gluten free chicken with the pumpkin spiced chipotle alfredo isn't a REAL alfredo?

Some people think so. 
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