The Professional Chef ( CIA 6th Edition )

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I bought this book in 1997 when I started my business. I paid about $60 for it at the time. I decided to look it up and it's now selling for $6. I realize things change but there is a whole hell of a lot that stays the same. The basics for one are something every Cook/Chef apply's daily. I looked up and the same book from CIA it's now up to the 9th edition and going for $130. This is one heck of a book for $6. I remember not being able to really afford a $60 book at the time. At the time I didn't think my investment would go from $60 to $6. It's now worth 4 snicker bars......GGEEEZZZZZZ
[h4]The New Professional Chef 6th[/h4]
Edition:  6th   Published:  1995   Format:  Hardcover
Author:   Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Staff;
Ferdinand E. Metz
Paul Bocuse
Mary Deirdre Donovan
ISBN:  0471286796 / 9780471286790  
Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons
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This is why I always buy used. I recently bought the set of four of Charlie Trotters books for about $25. Retail on cover says $50 each. 

Some paperbacks like Ratios I've bought new but like you say, the information never goes out of style. 

Most of the changes are for marketing purposes, not to share tremendous strides in culinary knowledge. Text books for universities are even worse. 
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I bought that same book, can't recall which edition, back in the early to mid 90's too when I was working towards landing my first Chef gig.  Great book!  I agree, even though there are newer editions the early ones are still gold mines, treasure troves of great information.


I regret that the CIA doesn't have better English classes /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
its a common interwebz meme joke, normally in the form a bad tattoo /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smoking.gif

also when i went there there were no English classes, however the menu development classes graded heavy on spelling and punctuation because you cant fuck up spelling on a menu, while i went before social media was a thing, today that's social media death for a restaurant. I've heard hat they have since added them to meet the requirements to be accredited.

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