The Pioneer Woman

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I accidentally turned on this show on the Food Network, and apparently America has gotten to a point where dipping marshmallow into chocolate and rolling it in some nuts counts as a recipe.
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Thats a Hell of a recipe! What kind of nuts? what size Marshmallows? and is the chocolate melted. See! this is more involved than you thought. I just hate when I can't get step by step instruction with pictures.


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Lol...ironic she calls herself the Pioneer Women. All convenient, processed, packaged ingredients---just like a real Pioneer Woman would cook! :crazy:
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maybe i am weird but i have never been into watching food network stuff.

when i interviewed for my first job..chef told me 'its not like on food network'..i said 'i know and i dont even watch food network shows'

only stuff i used to watch was anthony bourdain stuff as it gave me knowledge about food in other parts of the world and culture.

but when i am working a station and doing service on a friday evening...i am this person whos happy, focussed, attentive...the best version of me...after that i dont even enjoy home cooking as much...its too relaxing and slow paced for me.
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