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I looked up the KA website. I think everything there is REALLY expensive! I go through @ 300 lbs of bread flour per week. A 50# bag of General Mills "All Trumps" bread flour (12% gluten) runs me $8.49, delivered to my door. My bags come with the milling date STAMPED on the bag, in plain English. I am fortunate to live 12 miles from a brand new mill operate by Fisher. I know the plant manager and have learned all about the milling process. I assure you these people are as serious about their product as KA. If I wanted to go pick up my own flour, I can get it MILLED THAT DAY, for @ $4.50 a #50 bag. I am also 100 miles away from Camas Grain, who only mill ORGANIC flour. I find that very fresh flour acts differently than the older stuff. I get my best results from flour that is a week or two old. I guess that is what I am used to...
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Wait just a gosh darn minute here! Now we are blending flour again.
Hey Peachcreek, ask your milling friend if it is a fact that blending goes on in places like the south. Most of our local wheat is spring.I would like to know if if my yahoo rep know what he has been talking about all these years.
MBrown Ifind it hard to believe you would stoop to 'home version'
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Excuse me in advance for changing the topic but I just found this and I want to share it with you.

I was doing some reading on Turmeric the spice, and I discovered a famous Persian wise man who wrote one of the first books of Grammar about the Greek Language and he has written about Turmeric.

His name?

Panini :D :D
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Home Version? :confused:
I work in restaurant and since space is always limited and the spoons use the flour too they always use Hotel Restaurant Flour = AP flour.
Now I am so happy to be at the new place where I have access to beautiful High Gluten flour as well as the AP!
When I need the others I simply add and subtact gluten and starch!
Oh, and honey,;) I don't stoop, not in these shoes (berkinstocks kitchen clogs that squeek no less)!

Love your posts and I am digging the thread, it proves, there is more than one way to skin a cat!!!
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m brown,LOL, pg2 down2.
Berkinstocks clogs?Restaurant?APF that has more protien them hi-glut,digging?,
Are you ironing your flour?
Athenaeus, Yes, you've revealed the secret. I come from old Persian blood(this is why I can skin the cat).I have a thing for tumeric and am always grammatically correct. and of course you all know about the Wise A__ part.
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crazy idea, how about smoking flour? In a smoker like you'd smoke a fish????
smoked Winter wheat bread with sea salt and cracked black pepper?
I think I just lost my mind!!!
Or I am a genius!

What about smoked spring wheat apple pie with aged chedder coulis?

tee hee hee

Not as crazy as using tobacco in baking!
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I may just try this. I have a stove top smoker and all manner of wood chips............
great with cheese
peanut butter and jelly on smoked pullmen loaf........
don't laugh, we eat artichoks and lobster and sea urchins.
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Knowing your great ability with all things sweet, I have no reason to believe your peanut butter and jelly sandwich on smoked pullmans loaf with be anything short of sublime. perhapes a toasty, smokey cote rotie to compliment?
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Ok, lets stop all this nonsence and get to smoking. What are we smoking? The finished bread or the flour?
C'mon m brown you must completely loose you mind, getting a little crazy won't do.
Ya know our smokers are never left for cold down here, we smoke everything,cig,turkey,tires,Gumba's,
We sometimes grill our fococcia for our panini's over hickory. I'm thinking smoking the flour will change the properties,BUT! I can see smoking the whole loaf.
WAIT!!!!!! smoking during a closed door steam proof. Bye gotta go, I gotta find that trademark/patent site.
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Finally read through this whole thread -- all of you guys are a hoot! AND full of really interesting information. Please, please, Panini, don't ever go away for long!

Smoking the flour, huh? Why not? Sounds to me like it could work. No crazier than cold-smoking butter with walnut shells. Maybe if you do a really strong smoke on a small amount, then mix it (sorry, Panini) with unsmoked -- 'cause how can you smoke a lot (pounds and pounds = big volume) at once? Depends on your smoker, of course, I'm just wondering about the degree of penetration unless you can stir the flour from time to time.

Which properties of the flour might change? Moisture content, probably. Kind of like roasting cornmeal -- say, maybe I'll try smoked cornmeal, for a quickbread (that's more my speed than all the heavy-duty stuff you all do). Oooh, you've inspired me again! Love you all.
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I copy from the book of Deipnosophists

Athenaeus, Deipnosophists, Boox VII 695b, LOEB Classical Library, translation Charles Burton Gullic

Athenaeus : "You were saying Deimochares about the habit of smoking the flour in the of colonies of Magna Grecia*. Would you like to inform us on this practice. Is it tradition or a ritual habit" ?
Deimochares : " Not all the colonies, Athenaeus, only in Kolofon, according to Dioscourides they smoke the flour before they bake their bread"
Athenaeus: " And how the famous doctor ( Dioscourides) explains this strange habit" ?
Deimochares : "He doesn't. He just list this habit with other ones of the people of Kolofon"
Athenaeus" Why" ?
Deimochares: " Probably, to prove that the people of Kolofon were strange people indeed "

* Magna Craecia was the group of Greek colonies on the island of Sicily-Italy

:D :D :D

I don't know if smoking the flour is an easy task.
My loaves that are baked in a traditional brick oven, have this slight taste of smoke, especially if I have used wood of olive tree in combination with pine tree to fire up the oven.
Before you ask, I have made the experiments already.
The logo for woods are 1 piece of pine tree : 2 of olive
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cold smoking cooked grain that is then added to dough.....
smoking flour.....if you've got a wood fueled oven how would smoking the flour change the flavor vs. baking dough vs finished product....?????Curious minds wanna know.
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Those people from Kolofon were strange people, and their black cookware? what's that all about?
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