The October 2015 Challenge is . . . . PIE

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That's right this month's Challenge is PIE.   Looking through the past challenges I realized that most of those could be made into a pie of some sort.  So lets think about the humble PIE (sorry couldn't resist) It can be sweet, or savory it can have a crust, or be crustless, it could fruit, veg, meat, fish, cheese and if it has a crust that could be made of anything too so really the sky's the limit isn't it?  

I hope this is a good challenge topic and I'm looking forward to some creative entries so put on your thinking caps and good luck.  

(now for the usual disclaimer: only entries made in the month of October 2015 are valid)
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I'll win this challenge. I'll present only 1 pie, but it will be enormous.

I'll win based on hugeness, rather than quality. My new wicked strategy!
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@Mike9  PIE!!! 

I Love PIE!!

I was just going through my 'Recipe Binder' and found an old recipe

for a savory pie that I thought my husband would like.

We'll give it a go.
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Good thing I just rendered duck fat!  In the freezer I have leaf lard from a heritage pig breed and duck fat.  Time for a side by side pie crust comparison experiment!
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Winning this challenge should be easy, as as, uh, making a winning dish!

I did a really cheesy thing last month, I'll have to come up with something crusty this month.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Fresh rhubarb from the garden, the best crappy strawberries I could find, sugar substitute (I'm diabetic) Stevia Baking Blend, tapioca to bind and a splash of Mexican Vanilla.

For the topping, Rolled oats, flour, corn starch, butter, brown sugar substitute and Saigon Cinnamon.

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I have no ideas for pie yet but this challenge reminds me of the movie "Waitress",  a great movie centered around a pie shop. If you haven't seen it, this would be the month to do so. 

     I did just see some pears at the market today. Perhaps…..
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Say can someone create a version of that margherita pizza for those of us trying to avoid gluten dairy and nightshades. :))

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