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5 years ago it was wraps, then the tapas craze,then the southwest b.b.q. now it's atkins friendly. my owner who is also a chef went on it and we had to add all kinds of carb friendly menu items. my question is.... what does everyone think the next big trend is going to be as far as menu items
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I just read yesterday that according to statistics, the Atkins craze is dying down. People like the concept but don't want to deprive themselves of the foods they love, so instead are tailoring the low carb diet to fit their lifestyle and eating more balanced diets. We will see how true that is.
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the reason why its dying down is people are getting f**ked up on it how can you have a diet like that and it be good for you moderation i suppose but how many people moderate when on diets follow my diet 10 pints of lager a night works wonders as for the next big thing it could be anything were best just sitting back and waiting for it to hit us like a bolt out the blue
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I put my money on full fat foods...after being bombarded with all these diets, I think people are tired of all these weight control plans to say "TO **** WITH DIETS!"

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Big Mac- You may be right!!! I am first generation American (Mom's from Ireland) and it seems to work over there!!! I know robust 90 year olds who still work the fields and tend to the sheep -they follow your diet!
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I saw something in Plate magazine or Hospitality Design or one of those rooty tooty mags that was kinda novel and is just stupid enough to take off as far as presentation goes...

Presentation platters that were video players that played back the event on the, bar mitvah, blah, blah, blah

As far as food goes, I think Atkins is on the decline and with that we are going to find out the links to health problems because people were stupid enough to eat a ton of fat without supplying their bodies with enough fiber and carbohydrates and exercise to work with the fat, we are going to see a lot of law suits or the potential for a lot of lawsuits and that low fat concentrated diets are going to come back, but I think it is going to be a very long time before we see anything like the LowCarbCraze again...

I have a ten year theory...that every ten years the uneducated westerners get on this health kick that sweeps the nation...weight watchers thirty years ago, twenty years ago everyone wanted to be a vegetarian, ten years ago we all had happy little "Heart Smart" hearts all over our menu, these past few years it has been Raw Foods and Atkins...I think raw foods would have really taken off if it hadn't been to the lowcarbcraze, but it got drowned by Atkins...

Mi dos centavos...

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Give me plenty of cream, eggs and butter, then you can eat it.

For the past year, I have been eating exactly in that fashion as I spend 90% of my spare time cooking fabulous French type cuisine.

I've lost (and I'm not gonna reveal how much exactly) 26.38% of my previous weight over the last 12 months or so.

I've also been drinking plenty of fine red cabernet along with those meals.

It works for me, I'm never hungry between meals, I don't feel "cravings", I sleep well at night, I awake feeling refreshed, and my clothes feel loose and comfortable.

I mean, it doesn't get any better than that!

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Boy, I wish they'd come up with something soon. There is only one restaurant in my area (touristy Newburyport & Plum Island, Mass.) that I go to. A little local place with home-made pizza, some of the best local seafood very simply prepared and very inexpensive (broiled haddock with buttery crumbs, fries and a veg - $7.95! - prime rib on the weekends - queen size - $12.95.

All the others have overly marinated meats, they all serve "Garlic Smashed Potatoes" (and every fish with crumbs is loaded with garlic) or are so loaded with jalapenos the dish is inedible.

I bet the next "wave" will be home-style cooking - meatloaf, baked beans,
fried chicken, pot roast, all the comfort foods.

Oh yeah, I'm also sick of "stacked food". Makes me wonder what the chef is trying to hide under the bottom layer?
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