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I'm happy to report that my brother, once a firm believer in Atkins (he watched the scale but little else), has converted to a much healthier weight loss plan. He's achieved some measurable and encouraging results.

Recently, he tried the Weight Watchers Point Program. A co-worker of his had fantastic results with it and she says she's never felt better in her life. It makes perfect sense. WW has always been rated as the top weight loss plan in nutrition and executability. Maintenance is not difficult and there is no "fad" cutting out of one or more components of a healthy diet.

He sent some materials to my mother...and she lost 10 lbs. I'm thinking of trying it myself but (surprise!) there's no place to get a meeting here. We do have an arsenal of lower-fat cookbooks and incentive because we're moving to a warm climate where it's harder to camouflage weight gain under bulky clothing. Right now it's about 50 degrees in my house (in Colorado) and I'm wearing a sweatshirt! (And my hands are downright blue. :()

WW has worked for me in the past and I'm hoping to get back on that bandwagon very soon. I've subscribed to Cooking Light which has some incredible-looking, appetizing, lower fat recipes - and with a monthly influx of new material, we won't get tired of "the same old thing." It won't be easy to undertake this particular project right now, being surrounded by boxes. However, good health and looking better are both great "carrots" to dangle in the face of this "horse." LOL.

I'm so thankful he abandoned that terrible way of eating. Anyone out there with concern for a loved one (male or female) who has undertaken the Atkins method should suggest WW. Rice will never have tasted so good!
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Glad to hear he's made the switch. I've been doing WW for almost a year now with fantastic results. Body fat is 25% (goal 22%) and I've never felt healthier. I stay away from processed foods, refined carbs and white sugar for the most part, but haven't lost my love for GOOD dark chocolate.

Is he working out too? A year ago I had a leg in a cast and was recovering from a kickboxing accident, now I'm thinking of becoming ACE Certified in personal training/group exercise instructor. I currently do 10 hours a week of a variety of workouts (cardio/toning/circuit/body sculpting/power walking/ hiking/weight training/sea kayaking/yoga and Pilates) along with following WW. Variety (along with healthier eating) in workouts has made all the difference in the formation of muscle mass and the tone of my body.

I've never felt better or stronger. Still *love* to eat but just changed the way I cook. You mentioned Cooking Light magazine-it's a great resource and we use it often in our house.

Best of luck to your brother.


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