The Mother's Day Thread, 2016

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Okay, how did it go? For the few of us left here that actually work holidays still!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif   Long day, my feet are really sore.  The numbers were a little disappointing to me but that's probably because I expected more than is realistic for this town. Still a good day and night.  We ran a limited set menu for brunch and our regular menu + some features for dinner with a couple hour break in between.

My main gripe aside from just being a long day is that the Big Four (V-Day, MD, NYE, Easter) always turns out the amateurs; you know the ones, the folks that only eat out a few times per year. Tons and tons of well done steaks, without fail./img/vbsmilies/smilies/mad.gif   At least this time I remembered to cut some pretty thin tops./img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
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The Adam's Family's of the world as I used to call them. I still see them at the food truck trying to order a's painful sometimes.
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We did a pretty slamming brunch at a winery, for about 250 people. The deli/market (our store front base) also was lines out the door all day long. Couple this with yesterday, typical busy day for the deli/market, plus a food and wine event off site where we churned out paella for 2,000 people over the course of about 4 hours, followed by an offsite prom for 250, then a surprise birthday dinner for 45 guests at the market. Friday was a VIP five course dinner off site for winery execs, and a forget what else, it is all a blur. Yeah, it was a crazy weekend!!!
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My good friend did $25,000 in food sales in little less than 9 hours for brunch today ....

I don't even want to compare after hearing that..
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