The most delicious vinagrette

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I was recently working for a chef who made a coconut vinagrette and it had the best mouth feel of any cold sauce i had ever tatsed. It was .... fluffy but not stiff
The Chef told me that it was caused by a thickener, the chef told me but his accent was so thick i couldn't for the life of me understand him

Anyone have an idea what this thickener could be?
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I suspect Agar Agar. it works very well with coconut cream

Otherwise, (sodium) alginate also would work. use in commercial vinaigrettes.

I do not think it was carrageenan mostly used for meat emulsions

All of these products are extracted from seaweeds by the way.

Luc H.
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we used to make vegan jelly from agar agar. agar also lends itself to disgusting bacterial growth science projects..

carrageen turns up all over the place in ingredient labels. I think they use it in vegan coconut ice cream! (coconut milk, flaked coconut, agave nectar, carrageen) keeps it from freezing too much, keeps it gooey.

ice cream being one of the most delicious places in general

west indian carrageen drinks are fun too. (extracted carageen from the dried then simmered seaweed, sweetend condensed milk, peanut butter, cloves, bitters) good for the libido so they say! like a low fat high protein milkshake that is still delicious and doesnt taste like health food. does have sugar though

can we get a sample recipe please. was this made with coconut oil or the coconut cream?

coconut oil has to be melted out of the cream that comes to the top when you squeeze the liquid from pulverized dried coconut meat....
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i will try to get a recipe next time i see him ( in a few day i think)
i do know it was made with coconut cream though
and cool idea with vegan ice cream
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