The Menu of the Day Thread.


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I'm starting a thread about menus.  They can be fictional or real.  Post at least two of the following:

1) Salad

2) Soup

3) Entree (small or large)

4) Dessert

Keep it seasonal or for the occasion.  Today the special at my house is:

Pulled pork bbq with potato salad.

Strawberry semolina upside down cake with ice cream.
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Yesterday was a great but simple meal - entree and dessert:

1) Veal milanese, fresh peas, carrots and onions in butter. 

2) Fresh cherry Clafoutis. 
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Dinner for tonight:

Garlic Escargots in Toasted Ciabatta Boxes

Blue Cheese Cole Slaw

Fresh Fried Lake Huron Whitefish

Pomme Frites

Roasted Asparagus

Rhubarb Strawberry Cobbler over Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
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My wife was just diagnosed with Celiac Sprue so menus are undergoing a learning curve. So tonight was somewhat of a mishmosh.

Grilled brats with green peppers and red onions with fennel seed and olive oil

Homemade Cole Slaw

Minced Cauliflower and Green pea pancake with sweet curry, rogan josh and homemade rice flour with olive oil

Chopped up sugar free fudgesicle with sugar free whipped cream (surprisingly good and refreshing)
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We just finished this friday evening's meal. Simple can be so delicious! This was also very seasonal;

1. some kind of fish, but what is it?

2. strawberries, sugar and a quenelle of fromage blanc

The fish is a seasonal delicatesse from my neighbouring country, Holland. They call it "maatjes". It's virgin herring eaten raw! They contain a very high fatcontent (seems up to 40%) that they will loose very soon. Now is the moment to eat them. Served them with some kind of sauce gribiche; mayo, shallot, chili, hardboiled eggs and straight from the garden; parcely, tarragon, lemon verbena, citronella and some lemon. The toast is fried multigrain bread.

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As I may have mentioned before, where we live, food is not a big deal.  So I now make three squares a day, every day. 

Thank goodness it’s just two of us.  Today the full menu is as follows: 

Breakfast: skillet of home fries, hot Italian sausage, sweet onions, multi-colored bell peppers, soft scrambled eggs all topped with Parmesan cheese. 

Lunch: (leftover from last night) Char grilled Sirloin burgers on yummy-eggy fresh baked buns (from the bakery down the road) accompanied by a large handful of fresh baby spinach and sliced tomatoes; along side oven baked French fries. 

Dinner: Grilled chicken Enchiladas with Hatch chiles and homemade flour tortillas from the really nice lady down the street. 

Dessert: Double Chocolate Macadamia Nut Brownie (these are house made) Sundaes.  Why not guild the lily?
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Made a very nice sort of nicoise salad.  Only one course but lots of stuff

thin string beans blanched

boiled potatoes

really good "date" tomatoes

fresh (fresh!) borlotti beans, boiled (the difference between fresh and dried is like the difference between fresh peas and dried)

hard boiled eggs

roast red peppers

dark meat tuna packed in olive oil

gaeta olives

all drizzled with good olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper

Fresh home made crusty bread

very simple, extremely satisfying- all on a large flat plate, with each food in a section of contrasting color, tuna in the middle
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Siduri, if I could only eat one dish for the rest of my life...

I usually sear some Ahi (not traditional, I know), but I like canned tuna too.

My friend came up with the special for the day:

3) Fresh rockfish wrapped with prosciutto, seared, cooked, topped with a ...basically puttanesca without olives.

    Fried capers to garnish.

    A bit salty as you might guess, but I like salt.

4) Dessert was lemon mousse.

Not as seasonal as I'd like, but I DO like where this thread is going...

Edit:  Enjoyed the pics, ChrisBelgium
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I don't even know what Ahi is, L4B! 

tonight I'm going to make pissaladiere (pissaladina?) just to stay in the theme of provence.  (Not for any reason, but thinking of one dish made me think of the other.)  Pizza dough, sauteed onions, black olives, washed salted anchovies (not the oil kind, these are tastier i think).  I add grated gruyere. 

Yes, i forgot, crisbelgium, wonderful pictures.  Do you actually plate your food like that at home?  Not sure i'd go for the raw fish, but it looked really nice. 
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I love pissaladière! Somewhat the french pizza!

I always make an effort to plate nicely. It turns a smile on people's faces, but the other side is that it always has to taste as it looks or the disapointment is bigger than normal too!

And, let's be honest, as I'm also an amateur photographer, the plates have to look even prettier for the picture too.
...tonight I'm going to make pissaladiere ...

 ... Do you actually plate your food like that at home? 
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You got my taste buds going....

Herring..... I miss them. especially the new ones of the season!

Can't get them here.

We never used to plate them. Just go to the fishmonger, grab the little herring by the tail and eat it. No sauces or accompaniements needed.

Back on topic;

My menu the other day:

Starter of raw ham, salami, some olives and a good glass of red wine, followed by

Lamb chop marinated in musterd, rosemary and garlic on the braai. with potato and onion (both foil wrapped and put on the coals) and green peas.
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I made sous vide strip steak with roasted elephant garlic
Sounds good! If you don't mind, your pictures raised a few questions:

1) What kind of grid marks are those on your sous-vide steak? Looks like a fancy grill you're using? Nice! :) Never seen this before.

2) Seems like that steak is smothered in sauce. What kind of sauce is that? I usually serve my steak without sauce. The rare times I deglaze the pan to make a sauce, I get 2, maybe 3 Tbspn per steak, from deglazing the pan - but I've never seen that much sauce on a grilled steak!! You must really love sauce? I'm just curious how you prepared that sauce, if you don't mind sharing?

3) What kind of herb is that on your steak? From here it looks like it could be... chervil?

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WOW!!  Sous-vide ? 

That’s pretty impressive for a home cook!! 

...And I second the motion,  just love the look of that sauce, please share with the class!!  My mouth is simply watering!!
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I'm doing some grilled spare ribs tonight ( too lazy to do the total low and slow smoker thing today ) with a grilled shrimp and avocado salad.

Too bad my camera is broken, I'd like to post some pics. So it goes.

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Dcarch, I'm also very intrigued by some things you use. I never heard of elephant garlic. Is there some other identification for that? I seem to recognize the green herb, but I'm not sure.

It looks a bit like cicely aka spanish chervil or Myrrhis odorata?? We call it in dutch Roomse kervel, meaning Roman chervil. It has a strong but sweet anisy taste. Well, we used it not so long ago, in a béarnaise prepared in a cooking class I'm following, together with tarragon. Sauce tasted like heaven! What is it?
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Elephant garlic is known as ail à grosse tête in French, it's a variant of allium ampeloprasum.
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Thank you guys, you are very kind.

Elephant garlic, it is not really in the garlic family. Closer to leeks. It is very mild in garlic flavor, so you can use it like a vegetable. I this steak dish, I had the steak sous vide cooked medium rare to juicy fork-tender, and grilled it on super-hot charcoal each side for a few seconds. The sauce was made with beef stock, shiitake mushrooms and roasted elephant garlic. Came out very well.

I am a little tied of the universal rectangular grill marks. So I designed to start a new fashion.

The green on the chicken dish is from the tops of daikon radish. A little spicy but nice. Why throw good food away?


My bulb is bigger than yours :)

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Fresh caught Chinook Salmon, on the grill, Elk back straps, local asparagus, roasted red potatoes with green beans, bacon & balsamic, caesar salad,

sourdough bread, huckleberry and rhubarb pies......lots of cold beer!  A great Pacific Northwest back yard feast!
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Today I've been experimenting with trying to slow-cook eggs en cocotte in a home oven. Initial results are surprisingly promising. Once I've got them reliable, the next step is to make an edible cocotte and sit them in an asparagus soup I've been making, topped off with pecorino romano.

Trying to decide what to stick on top, I'm thinking some chervil but then can't decide between simply a little lemon zest or maybe some parma ham and ground walnuts.
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