The Melting Pot

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Has anyone been to this restaurant? I understand it's a chain. One of them just opened this week nearby. Because it's completely full for tonight, we're going next week.

I'd be curious to know what it's like. :bounce:
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Never heard of them, but a quick Google search turned up a lot of links, and the fact that they are a fondue restaurant. Here is their web site:

The Melting Pot

Let us know what you think!
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My wife and I dined there a few years ago. It is, obiviously, all fondue. From what I recall, it was fairly good. A long night, though. Everything is prepared at your table, so it is a great place to spend time with friends. It is not your typical cheese sauce fondue place. I remember the entree selection was cooked in your choice of either a court boullion or a sesame oil amalgam. Overall, I remember a pleasant experience.


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Wanda & I just recently ate at the one that opened in Appleton this past year. I love fondue and love it even more when someone else is doing the preparation. I think the Melting Pot does a good job. Definately offer a number of choices, some of which are far from traditional. My only complaint about our meal was one of the batters that came with our entree. One was a tempura type batter, which wasn't bad, the other, I am not sure what it was suppose to be, but it was so thin it came off my food everytime I tried it. I also don't understand why fondue is as expensive as it it. You do all the cooking yourself!!!! :p
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We just returned, and it was very good IMHO. Having the right server is absolutely essential to having a good experience though. The one next door wasn't as good as ours and she left out some details that I thought were helpful. The place has been open for a week and you cannot get in without a reservation unless you want to be a walk-in at 10pm. It seemed a good deal for the money, considering the grade of beef and quality of the ingredients they served. Not your any-night spot to be sure (full meal takes over two hours) but great for a special or leisurely evening.

We'll definitely go back.
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