The Lutece Cookbook by Andre Soltner

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Anyone have a critique/review of this book?  

Thought I would see what others think.

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I happen to own a copy. One of first chef books I ever bought. I like it a lot. I suppose in today's fusion world it could be considered limited in scope as it is concerned only with french but you get a great sense of his style of cooking.  It is a great reminder to focus on quality ingredients, simply prepared. In contrast to the many chef books whose recipes are said to be adapted for home cooking, I get the impression that the recipes he shares really are how he does them in the restaurant. Of course, Lutece is closed now but the cookbook is one of my favorites. 

     My favorite story is the one he shares of having to run down the street to catch a woman who stole a family heirloom from his place. 
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I've got one, too. Great book, don't know that I ever cooked from it, but I like it.

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