The long road back

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Well, I think I mentioned it elsewhere but I wanted to update and expound upon it a bit. In early March I slipped on the ice at work and ate it hard; wound up breaking part of the ball and part of the socket of my right shoulder. It took a few weeks to get an appointment with an orthopedics guy who discovered the injury and the dislocation out the back. I got surgery about 11 or 12 weeks ago and just got out of the brace two weeks ago. It's been a drag, to be sure. We lost about a year with Covid-19 and just when things were starting to turn the corner I had this injury happen. I've been out on worker's comp for four months and was actually looking forward to getting back to work.

So fast forward to this Thursday. Had a follow-up appointment kind of thinking maybe I'm close to getting back. No such luck! I'm still forbidden from lifting more than five pounds and won't be cleared to return to work for another 8 weeks at least. While I'm disappointed, I'm trying to be philosophical about it. As I told the surgeons I'm not just looking at two months from now but rather two years, five years, ten years down the road. If this surgery doesn't "take" the next step would be a complete replacement of the shoulder. The junior surgeon has explained that this is "a life-altering injury" and that I can't rush the recovery.

It's a tough time though! I'd like to return my job, and there are some other excellent opportunities I've been mulling over. I'm not a young guy anymore, there are far less years ahead than behind. It's weird but it takes something like this to drive home what a blessing it is/was to work at something that doesn't make me miserable. It's been a long time since I wanted to be anything other than a chef, and it's hard to watch it go by as I sit on the sidelines.

Just kind of venting a bit.
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I had a similar injury to my left rotator cuff and a bone spur. After the surgery there was rehab to develop the muscles again. I was out for 8 weeks. My employers were very accommodating.
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phaedrus phaedrus , I wish you well my friend. When you talk about being a Chef you know you're preaching in the right church. Speaking for myself, being a Chef was the only thing I ever succeeded at. Working in this profession is the only job I every worked at, I was able to came home with a smile and the feeling of self-satisfaction after working long hours. Most people don't have any idea of what we do. They look at us in many ways as being in a worthless job, not very important. Take those people and put them on the line with their backs against the wall and in the weeds. I would bet they would crumble and fall.​

I have respect for every Chef in this site. I know how hard the road is to being successful in this business. This business is hard enough when your healthy and not hurting.

You may find you could still stay in this profession by looking into health care or retirement food service. There are many opportunities with less demand on your body.

Take care and again , I wish you well........ChefBillyB
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Thanks, all. I will almost certainly be back in the saddle again and able to do my normal job eventually. It's just kind of frustrating in the mean time.
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And I thought I was having a tough time at work. Sorry to hear you've suffered such a debilitating injury.
May you recover as quickly as possible and keep yourself occupied in the meantime. This too will pass and become just a memory. Best of luck.
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Hope it gets better and works out for you but I would also keep it in the back of your mind to start looking or at least thinking of other options out there, even in the industry if you want to stay in it. I know this is just anecdotal but everyone I know who has had some type of major surgery for an injury has never really fully recovered. They may be technically recovered but you can never be at the level you were before, and treating it like it was before only opens you up to the possibility of making it worse or creating a new issue. Don't push yourself because as you know this job takes tolls both physical and mental on people and you can't turn back time with your health.
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I imagine a day will come that I will have to move into sales or some other area related to the field. But [hopefully] today is not that day!

I'm going to head out soon to hang out with some friends. A buddy of mine has a boat, we're going to float a lake near his house. Pretty easy, no-impact and he'll handle the boat. At least I have a bit of down time.
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Enjoy the down time (as much as possible), it seems like sometimes injuries are the only way down time happens. This is the time to get all of those "when I have some time" projects rolling, as long as they don't fall outside or dr.'s orders. Best wishes on the healing.
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Thanks, all! It was a nice time on the lake, then I went to visit a friend from back where I used to live in Idaho. It was 105.3 degrees the whole time we didn't do much, but I can't do much anyways!:rofl:
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