"The Loaf" as cruel and unusual punishment

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This morning's NPR news has a feature on a new method of prisoner discipline being practiced at a maximum security prison in Baltimore. It is the dreaded LOAF -- check this out! They give the recipe, too. ;)
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I can see none of you has ever eaten some of the farfel casseroles out there for Passover... :lol: Bet this even has more fiber!
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I don't know, it can't be all that bad. It looks like some recipes I've seen and tasted for vegan Meatless "meat"loaf.
I'm sure a little salt and pepper wouldn't hurt.
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they didn't post the most important ingredient. This tends to make it a little off. Anyone in prison cooking knows what I'm talking about. It may have changed but it was this way yrs. ago.
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Very good recipe . I worked for a county jail system when I was young and we had somthing very similar . They were for the prisoners who had commited offenses bad enough to land them in the hole ( SOLITARY ) . If I remember right it was dried beans ,
grated carrots , a little rice , raisins , powdered milk and bread .
We put this all in a roasting pan with just enough water to soften the beans , bake for a couple of hours and cut this into squares before it cools . They called them Jute Balls and you supposedly could stay alive on them if you did not break your teeth in the process . As I remember the hole was a place to be avoided . Prison aint no picknick for the bad ones .


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??? I've eaten something similiar, made by my wife's sister's husband's mother. Always wondered what was in it, now I know.

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