The life of a chef?

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by jfresch, May 16, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    I am currently in a precarious position trying to figure out whether I should go to law school or culinary school. I have been cooking in two restaurants for about 5 months now and for the most part have enjoyed it. I am wondering what the typical path is after attending culinary school( hours, pay, etc?). I am also curious as to best possible outcomes. For example if for some incredible reason I was to land a job on the line in a prestigious restaurant in NY what would it most likely pay? Is it possible to make a decent living as a chef your whole life? Thanks and any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. 
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    if your going into cooking to get rich, can however make a liveable, decent wage but you gotta be good and you gotta be in the right places.....there are no guarantees...ever....of course you may end up spending all your hard earned money on doctors as your feet flatten and your spine shrinks and your knees give out and your mind's a good life, it's just not a life for everyone! at times you will feel like you have no life, because you don't, but i will say this, it's probably a whole lot more fun than being a lawyer! i will also add that it should be much more  than just 'enjoyable' should be over the moon

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    Pay is almost always based on experience. Work at least a year before going to culinary school and try to work p/t during school, you will have over 2 years experience as opposed to someone who graduated with no prior working experience.

    For me, a chef is judged by how they manage the resources of a kitchen, and a cook is judged by what they put on a plate.  Many Chefs I've worked under have gone on to becoming F & B, R. M. (rsident mngrs), owners, sales reps, etc.  Cooking is a trade, a manual trade, and is a very good stepping stone on to other food based careers.

    Hope this helps