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All it comes down to is: I am not gonna kill myself over a biz that isn't mine.

Update on my biz start-up planning:

1. Just received forms to update my biz registration with the Dept. of Revenue.
2. Settled on a biz name at last :rolleyes: Mama's Cookin' it is. Will be registering it with the county clerk soon.
3. Settled on the USPCA as the organization of choice to join. (Its the only one that my state recognizes for getting Personal Chef certification)
4. Getting my Food Handler's Certification renewed after the baby is a few months old.
5. Have to see about talking to a lawyer and a CPA.
6. Downloaded the Small Biz Start up kit from the SBA. Its a tome isn't it? :eek:

Was initially thinking that I would keep small for a few years and grow gradually. Thought I may not need to write up a biz plan just yet since Im doing this on a shoestring and wasn't planning on having investors. Rethinking that now. Biz is sure to grow, since I have lots of ideas of what I want it to be a few years from now. Anyone have any pointers on filling out a biz plan? :) Ill probably have to take a Small Biz owner's class at the SBA, I know. Wonder if I am missing something else...... :confused:

To everyone who has given me advice and support. Thanks. I really appreciate it. Nice to know that there are people out there who DON'T think Im totally out of my mind.

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I visited SCORE -service corps of retired engineers? - without much hope for help, I just wanted to be doing SOMEthing. I was referred to a lovely gentlemen who used to run 5 large bakeries, with advice on things I never would have considered, and a great contact for supplies. SCORE had a library with CD roms of business plan templates. It is boiler plate, but just seeing something stated gets you thinking about what you'd want to do. I wonder if anyone has had any experience.

A near-by town has a small business enterprise center - an incubator with counseling and cheap space for small businesses. It's been on my to-do list for a while. Maybe going to look for business plan informationi for you will get my sorry butt down there, and help me too!

I'm talking with a classmate who's buying our teacher's whole sale bakery business, about working for her. I figure it would be a firsthand look at starting a business.

Best of luck to Mama's Cookin! So many of us dream, and don't have the courage to do.

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Service Corps Of Retired Executives..
I like the engineers answer, though... Possibly they would let you design something, or maybe drive the train! lol....
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...Love your Mommy's Little Girl Pic...that face should be plastered on all your advertising!!!! What a doll :)
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I have two mentors I originally met through SCORE. You bet I will try to be involved with that organization, if they'll have me and if I can ever get out of the bus.
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