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Hello ! My name is Eco . I am from the Philippines. I love to cook. I hope to learn from you. I wrote a few reviews in the past week. I want to learn more about how to critique food. Thanks. 
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Hello Eco, and welcome to Chef Talk. Please enjoy exploring the site, which includes cooking articles, wikis, photos, etc. as well as the discussion boards.

You'll note I removed your link, which is not permitted to new members. Please let me or any moderator know if you have questions.

I'm also an at-home cook. What do your enjoy cooking? I'm sure there are different cuisines from the many cultures of your land, and I hope you'll share them with us. (Please don't copy and paste or post recipes from other sites, magazines, cookbooks, etc.) As home cooks, we're able to read everything here, but we mustn't post in the professionals' forum- only in the general forums.

Is there someone who encouraged you to take an interest in cooking? My mother and grandmother were inspirations to me; I treasure memories of being in the kitchen with them.

We hope you see you often!


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Hello Mezzaluna,

 I am sorry about the link. I just thought it would be the best way to introduce myself. =)

I like to cook seafood. I cook a lot because my mom asks me to cook when she is busy. Then I joined a huge cooking contest here in the Philippines with about a thousand kids. I got into the top 30 finalists. The show had not been aired yet on national TV- maybe this August. 

Anyway, I learned a lot from the show, because they enrolled us in Treston Academy, a culinary school. My seafood curry was my best dish. It got me to the top 30. 

Anyway, my mom helps me cook a lot. 

I wrote a blog because I also like eating at restaurants. 

Thanks for welcoming me!

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