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So guys as promised the first Challenge of the year is here. I chose this ingredient simply because I love it. I´m addicted to it, I consume it daily.
It also has yet to be featured as a challenge ingredient.

A side from being a cook, my family produces and exports this ingredient, my country (Brazil) is one of the worlds largest producers and exports it.
You may see it a lot in desserts or sauce work, its bitter, its dark, and we probably have it every morning, it´s.... COFFEE!!

Coffee may be tricky, but it isnt just a drink. It can be used as a rub, in a sauce, it can be infused into dishes in a really creative way, it´s also quite often seen in desserts. I really want to see versatility with coffee. It´s one of my food passions, and since I cant start my morning without it, well I just had to start off my year with it too, as well as the first challenge of the year.

I have a really big passion for this ingredient, I do gigs at a cafe, I spend hundreds of bucks a year on coffee. I produce small quantities of this treasure, and follow the market as well, so to me it was a pretty easy decision on what I would choose for this challenge.

For newcomers the guidelines are on this link...


So let´s start off the month with some fun and coffee.
I declare that the challenge has begun!!
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Shucks. If I were still homebrewing beer, I'd be putting together a coffee stout. I'm sure I'll come up with some other ideas.

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That's going to be a difficult one for me.
I like Irish coffee, but I have never cooked with coffee.....
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I've got a few ideas - coffee and meat and I can see working a treat. Beans seem a good idea - I'm thinking on those lines. Desserts are easy and I have lots of ideas. But fish/seafood doesn't seem to go with coffee.... could that ever possibly work? I have an idea percolating...:)

Its certainly an interesting challenge!
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Yes, I didn't realize how dirty it was until I posted that picture. Tomorrow the machine get shut down for cleaning, blowing out the dust, etc.

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I´m pretty anxious to see who´s going the first dish of the challenge this weekend. Hope you guys are brewing up some ideas :p (no pun intended with the "brewing").
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Here ... I'll kick it off ...

... TiraMisu

My cheese mix uses ordinary mascarpone w/ half as much very dry ricotta and heavy whipped cream. That way is not so diabetes inducing. Into that goes a good few drops of almond or hazelnut oil and oil of coffee. Along with that is a cup of confectioner's sugar. I blitz this up real nice in a stand mixer. Where I shop there are two(2) types of ladyfingers; soft and crunchy. I used both and combinations ... I think I like the crunchy best. A trick for assembly is to touch the bottom of each end so they stick to the plate and not move on you. Layers is up to you; I like two(2) or three(3) depending on my attitude, number of servings and who is paying. The coffee mix is 50% really freakin' strong coffee and 25% coffee liquor and butterscotch schnapps. Assembly is ladyfinger, coffee juice, cheese ... repeat. The cheese mix is added by squeezing nice lines from the famous zippy-bag w/ cut off corner. On the top layer after the cheese a nice skim of whipped cream goes on then a dusting of powdered cocoa mixed w/ some confectioner's sugar. You can go strait cocoa if you like. Enjoy.

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