The Ideal Cooking Show

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I am sure it's already been covered, but I saw Iron Chef America for the first time last night. Granted it was very dissapointing, but imagine the potential. Get rid of the shiny chef clothes, the terrible judges, and the cheesy script. The idea of an American version of Iron Chef is great, but how about one that Americans can be proud of. The show we've got now is certainly not gaining us any respect in the global culinary world.

My idea of the ideal show would involve the concept and name Iron Chef but that's about it.

I would keep the layout of the kitchen and the system that they use for judging.

I would definately get some new judges. At least one food critic, one chef, one "foodie", Schattner, and one person from the audience.

I would give the Chefs at least a half-hour to an hour to think about their menu.(That way we can get their best work from them)

I missed the beginning, but I hope they had shattner eating the yellow pepper, if not I would put that in right away.

I would tone down the explosions. I think the action should come from watching the chefs do their work.

I could go on, but I'd love to know how you all would improve the show if you had the chance. You never know, the right person might read this. It could happen!
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I saw a bit of it. I have a hard time taking Captin Kirk seriously as some Ficticious Food Fanatic. Why not take all the make believe out of the show? Maybe have Ruth Reichl (or any non-chef foodie) host?
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