The ice cream controversary continues . . .

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A California patent attorney recently shared with me his find of an previously unknown 1902 patent for an "Apparatus for Baking Biscuit Cups for Ice Cream." This patent find actually changes the existing written history of the ice cream cone.

This is exciting for me and sent me off onto an all-day search of the patent and the history around it. If you are interested in reading my newly updated page called History of the Ice Cream Cone, check out my web page here:

If any of you have any input, suggestions, or comments on this history, I welcome them.

Linda Stradley
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Dear Linda,
I've a subscription to the bi-monthly Aramco World; in the july/august number of last year there's an article about 'The First Ice-Cream Cone' by Jack Marlowe. It doesn't have any new information, but as it's an unlikely place to look for information about the ice cream cone, I thought I mentione it to you.
Ha! Looking it up right now, I see your website is mentioned under the article. So my post is well mend but intirely superfluous! Hope to be of more help another time, for
I like your site tremendously!!
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