The grandkids new taste development

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Over the summer, some of us were on here complaining about the junk foods that our kids consume. Imagine my surprise, when, after dinner yesterday I found the large fresh fruit bowl in the living room empty, and all of the kids munching on fruit:) I guess my lectures have paid off. I dream of getting at least one chef out of the four. Three year old Charli is very interested in cooking. Her mother said that she'd found her at the stove yesterday morning with link sausages in a pan! She wants to cook so desperately that this morning her mom caught her with several broken eggs in another pan. Needless to say, my daughter had to remove the stove knobs. :D How cute is that? And dangeros!:eek:
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If she wants to cook so much, your daughter should start teaching her! Just simple stuff at first, and always supervised, of course, but it's never too soon to start. Especially before her interest is diverted to something else.

My own daughter (almost four) helps me in the kitchen. She stirs, and measures, and I've been paying attention and think she's almost ready to start cutting things (she's very careful and pays close attention to what she does or I wouldn't consider it).

She also knows about hot ovens and stoves and is very careful around them. That came from when she was two, and wanted to touch the oven no matter how much I warned her that it was hot!! I always herded her away, till one day I had a casserole in my hands and she went to touch it. I said "No, it's hot!" And then I thought, ok, if she wants to touch it, fine. She'll learn quick enough. Sure enough, she touched it and burned her finger. After that, when I told her something was hot, she knew to stay clear. Ouch! :)

I guess my point is that with supervision, and instruction, kids of any age can start learning anything. It's never too soon.
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Try and get your hands on a copy of "Pretend Soup" by Mollie Katzen. It has the recipe amounts and dirrections written out for the adults and illustrated for the kids. The recipes are easy enough for even very young children. Both my 2 and 4 year old can prepare the recipes. I know they have it at . :D

Also, keep in mind that even little kids can "cut and slice" using a butter knife. Softer fruits like bananas and veggies like summer squash can be cut this way.

Kid size aprons and chefs hats are available thru the "Chefwear" cataloge. (or for better prices check out a craft supply store)
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Pasta Chef work harder on the lawyer wannabe :)You must convert this one !!!

You must have observed, but there is not a single day of my life that I don't recall of my grandmother Ester cooking or kneading bread :)
When I want to remember a recipe all I have to do is close my eyes and try to bring back her gestures... Her cooking was great to taste but greater to ...listen!!

I think that grandmothers are more influencial when it comes to cooking than mothers. I don't jusdge by myself because my mother never cooked but I observed that for my friends.Their attitude towards cooking was shaped by their grandmothers

Nice work pastachef!
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I wonder if we are more influenced by our grandmothers because they had more of an exotic air to us. What our mothers made was what we ate everyday, while Grandma's food was for the weekend. Our Grandmothers knew our parents as children, which was so strange and gives them such a magical quality and power, as every child knows that their parents aren't real people - just as their teachers goes into the cupboard when class is finished!
I think that my Grandmothers have, in many ways, influenced my food more than my mother. It's far more important to me, even today, to think that I'm making soda bread like my Grandmother rather than chicken like my mother (and my mother's chicken is good).
I am fast reachng the conclusion that being a Grandparent is far better than being a parent, I'm just wondering how you skip the latter step!!


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You know Pasta I was reading an article on kids and healthy food and some seem to think that having veggies and fruits already chopped and ready to eat in the fridge will encourage kids to go for the fruits escept of the junk.

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