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    indulge the rant please....

    we are currently in 'travel mode' slowly making our way back to the cool mountains of colorado. one of the side effects of staying in our beautiful state parks is that we only get wifi and tv in spurts. when i did see the news the other day i was amazed and then enraged that of all the news in all the world the focus was with whom kim kardashian was rubbing body parts with among the very powerful very political and journalistic movers and shakers dinner(roast). i'm sorry, did she write something? or maybe even read something that didn't involve pictures? or can she even hold a conversation without using 'like really totally awesome'? what in the world was she even doing there? shameless self promotion for sure at a normally very enjoyable evening honoring journalists and journalism. worse though is that it got so much media attention because of people's curiousity and facination of the bling, glitz and glitter of hollywood trash...meanwhile syria, africa,afghanistan, and real world issues remain buried on page 20. hollywood comes to washington.....god help us all!....and who's idea was the red carpet?(at a washington d.c. journalism affair)...oh brother......it really makes me shake my head

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    ... And her BFF Lindsey Lohan ?