The Editor of Cook's Illustrated, Christopher Kimball

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Well I thought I knew all the food sites. Just downloaded six of Christopher Kimball's articles/recipes. Many thanks for the info.
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I'm pretty convinced it would be next to impossible to know of all the "food sites". Some of the best articles and recipes I've found are sections in small newsletters (say, for the Amish Community) and local papers. There's just no telling where you might find info!
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Here are some alternative suggestions:

Go to Charleston Daily Mail: Kitchen Detective on a weekly basis. A new column every Wednesday.

Sign up for the free e-notes from Cook's Illustrated Web Site:
Check here.

For articles from the site, look here and click on the "Cached" link at the end of each result for the article.

In certain areas, you might be able to catch the PBS Show "America's Test Kitchen" with Christopher Kimball as host. Look here for more information.
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