The dreaded Knife Slip

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How many seasoned cooks/chefs out here cut themselves when they were new?  Happened a couple of times all ready trying to keep up with the seasoned guys... Any good ninja videos or other recommendations?
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Everyone cuts themselves. I like to tell people I cut myself once a year just to remind myself not to do that.

     Advice? Slow down, develop your technique, pay attention to the task at hand, don't worry about how fast others are going. Knife work is not a competition. If you don't learn to handle a knife properly, you will continue to cut yourself. The more adept you are at handling a knife, the less you cut yourself. If you choose to do otherwise, the knife will continue to inform you that you are wrong. 
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Buy potatoes because they are cheap and spend some time at home going nice and slow. Work on basic technique. Comfortable pinch grip. Off hand knuckles bent with pinky and thumb tucked back. Practice the motion. Once it is comfortable to cut with your knuckles as a guide speed will come. It is akward at first. But once you have it you will always have it. Practice slow at home jullienne potatoes and eat lots of fries.

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