The December 2017 Challenge is . . . "VEGAN"

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Sorry there MG. With all the whatever about the clock issue ... I posted just after 10:00 pm CDT (Chicagoland day lite time). "3-something PM tomorrow CDT" would have been after 3:00 pm (afternoon ... after 'da BEARS got beat).
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Finally got around to doing this, no problem it is late. I've already hosted 4 challenges, so I can rest on those laurels for a while. But I wanted to do this all month long, a mushroom risotto. a favorite of mine.

The Players

Of course one needs rice for a risotto.


And all the other goodies:


Obviously mushrooms, here fresh Crimini and dried morels. Also garlic, shallot, olive oil, Italian seasoning, dry vermouth and some nutmeg. A dash of nutmeg plays well with mushrooms.

The Process

First the dried morels get rehydrated in some hot veggie stock.


I tried something a bit different here, and grated the fresh ones rather than slice.

They got lightly sauteed in some olive oil.


Mushrooms out of the pan into a bowl, minced shallots and garlic replace them in the pan, another splash of olive oil.

On a side note, that little glass bowl you see at the top of the picture is skimming from a pot of beef stock. Tomorrow night's dinner is certainly NOT vegan. So the rice gets added, well coated with the olive oil, stirred for a bit. about 1/3 cup vermouth goes in, keep stirring until almost dry. Then the veggie stock gets added, stirred, add some more, stir, ...

Getting close!

The rehydrated morels and criminis get stirred in, along with a bit of freshly grated nutmeg.

The Product

Some scallions as a garnish, wish I would have kept one of the fresh mushrooms to slice and saute as a garnish as well. Oh well, no big deal.


Different with no butter, no parmesan, but quite mushroomy, that veggie broth is REALLY good stuff.

And for the record, my money was on Morning Glory.

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Well that was a pleasant new years surprise. I really enjoyed the challenge and wish i could have submitted one more entry i had tucked into my sleeve.

Iceman Iceman I´m happy you enjoyed my dishes, and i definitely loved the challenge, not just because i won it, but because it embraced something different.

I also can´t say enough how much morning glory morning glory really rose to the ocassion. All the dishes were beautiful with so much quality.

Definitely an honor to have been chosen for this challenge, it´s my first challenge win so I´m pretty excited.

I kinda already have the next challenge decided, I´m just stewing a bit on some other possible ideas. I´m thinking it´s going to be a bit challenging, but should definitely be interesting. I´ll have it up in a few hours.
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Sorry there MG. With all the whatever about the clock issue ... I posted just after 10:00 pm CDT (Chicagoland day lite time). "3-something PM tomorrow CDT" would have been after 3:00 pm (afternoon ... after 'da BEARS got beat).

It gets confusing especially as time zones differ across the US. CDT is -6 hours GMT isn't it? You posted the winner at 2 pm my time (GMT) on 31st Dec. I don't know how that can be 10pm in Chicago if you are 6 hours behind my time. I'm now totally confused! :eek::)

I suppose I just thought I was safe posting early evening on the 31st here because you were 5 or 6 hrs behind my time.
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Congratulations kaiquekuisine. And thanks Iceman for hosting. I also have to say well done morning glory. You did some fantastic work.
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Congratuations Kaique!
I have been impressed with all entries. And there were many more than I expected :)
And Morning Glory, please still post these last entries as I think this thread may be checked quite a bit by people that want ideas for a vegan dish...
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