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    I wonder who uses databases and to what extent for what reasons?

    I used to keep a detailed log of all the costco purchases we made and would track the data too. I used their product code to make sure it was the same product. I still like to see what it cost way back when. For a while I was track what it cost, when and where and what the brand name was too but that was just too much.

    If you used the computers clock with your database you could have it flag you when things were about ready to be replaced but for a family of 3 that is just not necessary.

    The sky would be the limit if you wanted to really get into the data thing.

    You could even, if good on the computer, have it pop out a bunch of recipes based on one specific key ingredient being on sale. You could come up with a cost per unit of vitimin or mineral consumed and on and on.

    Maybe there is some software that does this.

    Are you a databaser?

    Sorry if my banal is showing.
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    There was a time I started such a project and then saw it wasn't worth the time nor data entry. I've moved to a much simpler portable philosophy of computer data. Mostly text files. Moves between Windows, Linux, email, various hand held devices and works the best for me. Built in search tools give me all the query power I need.
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    That's a good idea, you can use a handheld barcode scanner to put the products into the software, remove them, etc.