The challenges, downsides, dislikes, and shortcomings of inventory and costing programs.

What would financially make sense for your establishment to pay for an inventory program a month?

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I am looking at a couple inventory/costing programs for my restaurant. Looking at Costgaurd, ChefTec, Dear Inventory, and Aspect Backoffice for my space. I've used excel (as a lot of small places do) but I want to be able to track invoices, product costs, and order history a little closer. I know all these programs can do something along these lines. 

What I'm not hearing from the salespeople is the challenges, downsides, and most obviously the dislikes of using these programs. Some look like they were designed in the early 90's. Most seem like they can't really be customized. 

If there is another program that you're 110% for please let me know. I'm not set on any of these. 

Please help me out with any information you may have. Hopefully this can help more than just me


I've recently entered this industry after almost two decades in the software world and all I can say from the ones I've played with is that they all seem to suck in their own way :/. As you said, they look like they were designed in the early 90's and are not user friendly. From talking to friends who work in/own their own businesses, I'm doing what they do and just using my own spreadsheets (that software experience pays off in making it easy for me to do some custom programming). 
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Do you have a POS system in place for your restaurant?

Attached to some of these systems are inventory controls so that you can see your inventory.

Each time an order comes in the products in house used to make that item are deducted from the inventory and can show you how to save money and product. If the cooks are over producing or throwing away product this program will show you as much.

Excel programs are simple enough and can be engineered to reflect most everything done in the kitchen. The downside is that it has to be manually entered and controlled. It can be done but take an enormous amount of patience, and organization.
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