The care and feeding of a new wooden rolling pin

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I have a relatively new tapered wood rolling pin.  What is the proper way to care for it?  Should it have been seasoned when new? Should it be washed after use, particularly if it gets chunks of buttery dough on it, or just wiped off and put away?  I really have no idea here.
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It is a wood product and should be treated like any other wood product. No, don't constantly scrub it with soap and water after every use. If it's dirty, clean it? I generally don't use soap unless I absolutely have to. Clumpy butter dough would qualify. Usually just a moist towel/ sponge and then a dry paper towel. Always dry it immediately. If it gets dried out, oil it like you would your cutting board - depending on use/ cleaning. I oil mine every other board oiling, but it depends again, on how often you use it. Mine is Koa wood from Maui. I want to keep it beautiful and moisturized. And straight. 
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I've seen methods for baking oil into wooden utensils for a bit. I've never done it personally but have read positive things about it.  
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I wash it with water and a metal sponge, pat dry it and save in a shadow place. Never oiled it.

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