The Brunch Effect.

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That my name for this phenomenon. The day after a particularly busy or different special function when people perform remarkably better at their usual jobs. We make brunch only a few times a year besides Easter and Mothers' Day so we had a few people who had never worked that shift before and we did have a few minor glitches, but that is beside the point.Today at their regular jobs they were running around with a new sense of proficiency that was refreshing. Has anyone else noticed this? I haved noticed this for years and have learned to appreciate it even more as a supervisor.
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I find this "phenomenon" is true for many special events.It takes the employee out of there normal mind set and allows them to be creative and do something outside of the norm.This is one aspect of event planning I always enjoyed, you really take the time to think things through, then execute your vision. This pumps me up, as well as most in our biz.Like you mentioned, this carries over into a small time frame after the event where people are happy with the results and feel satisfied.

I guess the important thing is that your staff gets excited doing something different and challenging and rises to the occasion. Of course to recognize these moments and pass on your approval is a great tool.

Glad you had a successful brunch.
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Then again, maybe they're just so glad that's OVER, they want to show how well they do their regular jobs that they'll never be asked to do the other stuff again. :p :rolleyes: :eek: :confused: ;) :( :D

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